For Prospective Customers

  1. What kind of project do you have in mind – a kitchen, bath, game room?  Perhaps a home office? Will it include paint and flooring? 
  2. Are all the walls in place or are some being moved, removed, modified or added? (This work should be completed before the measure visit is scheduled unless MC Enterprises will be the contractor doing the work).
  3. Is there drywall or plaster on the walls?
  4. Is there baseboard & casing in place?
  5. If the project is a bathroom, does the customer plan on a total remodel (new tub, toilet, fixtures,)

MC Enterprises serves as a general contractor for Home Depot and is capable of handling all aspects of major remodeling projects.

As a general rule, measure visits are normally scheduled during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.  They can last thirty minutes to two hours (or more!).  Mornings are the best time – that way we can get the results to the designer before the end of the day.

We look in cabinets, particularly the sink and cooktop bases, take photographs and ask to see the area below the kitchen or bath if at all possible.  We will also document the type and capacity of the electrical circuit panel and make notes on how to get new circuits to the project room.  

On occasions, there may be a need to see other parts of the house (attic, upstairs, etc.).  This is done to try to identify either routes for new plumbing, electrical or HVAC or to rule out those mechanical items in walls or other surfaces that the customer would like to remove.

These visits are not just to secure accurate measurements – we try to identify all of the customer’s objectives and will often spend as much time in conversation as we are measuring.  

It’s important to note that the project area should be free of clutter – at least enough to permit accurate measurements of all wall, window and doorway areas.  Pets should be restrained

Are you renovating, repairing or painting a home, child care facility or school built before 1978?

Beginning April 22, 2010, federal law requires that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb more than six square feet of paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must be certified and trained to follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

Protect your family and make sure you only hire a contractor who is in a Lead-Safe Certified Firm.